Life Financial Platform for Small Business Owners and Consumers

HN Fincore achieves living financial technologies that are more valuable to everyone through creating values to small business owners and increasing the financial value of consumers.

HN Fincore's Living Finance Strategy

HN Fincore's living finance strategy is to build a robust bridge between customers and companies
using a life finance technology platform offering P2P finance, easy payment, foreign currency remittance, and others based on the smart wallet.

Major Services of Living Finance

HN Fincore aims for a bettter and more common financial living by discovering financial products
that allow people to trade money easily with anyone in living economy and coexist with small business owners based on blockchain technologies.

FinTech Business Based on Blockchain

HN Fincore is conducting blockchain R & D for real life use based on advanced blockchain technology.
HN Fincore also leads in various blockchain researches including Busan Smart Tour Platform.

Tourism Product Development

  • - Development of area-specialized tourism product packages through blockchain data analysis
  • - Improve tourism service quality through real users reviews

Tour Ticket Purchase

  • - Record the issuance history of tour tickets on the blockchain
  • - Issuance of ticket based on the blockchain ledger
  • - Check ticket purchase history through a user app
  • - Linking Busan Digital Voucher & expansion of usage

Tour Ticket Use

  • - Presenting the purchased ticket QR code of user app, and a merchant scans the QR code to authenticate.
  • - Save the usage record of the tour ticket in blockchain

Settlement for affiliated stores

  • - Settlement after checking ticket usage details through merchant ID
  • - Resolve settlement dispute through blockchain record data

Company Introduction and Location

HN Fincore Co., Ltd. lead the convergence of new technologies in various industries, the contribution to value creation, the industrial digital transformation
by combining service infrastructure and advanced new technologies based on blockchain, the core technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Busan Head Office # 1408, Centumdong-ro 99 (Byuksan e Centum Class One, Jaesong-dong), Haeundae-gu, Busan

TEL 1666-7682 FAX 051-717-2363 EMAIL


Seoul Branch Adora Tower 10th Floor, Toegye-ro 272, Jung-gu, Seoul

TEL 1666-7682 FAX 02-2261-2507 EMAIL


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