Blockchain Business

In the digital financial age, blockchain technology makes the world safer and more transparent.
HN Fincore is leading Korea's blockchain technology and aims to provide advanced digital financial services through POC projects.

Busan Smart Tour Service

Busan Smart Tour Service Diagram Busan Smart Tour Service Diagram

Tourism Product Development

  • - Development of area-specialized tourism product packages through blockchain data analysis
  • - Improve tourism service quality through real users reviews

Tour Ticket Purchase

  • - Record the issuance history of tour tickets on the blockchain
  • - Issuance of ticket based on the blockchain ledger
  • - Check ticket purchase history through a user app
  • - Linking Busan Digital Voucher & expansion of usage

Tour Ticket Use

  • - Presenting the purchased ticket QR code of user app, and a merchant scans the QR code to authenticate.
  • - Save the usage record of the tour ticket in blockchain

Settlement for affiliated stores

  • - Settlement after checking ticket usage details through merchant ID
  • - Resolve settlement dispute through blockchain record data

Development of area-specialized tourism products based on blockchain and establishment of smart tour platform

Expect the vitalization of the local tourism industry by building excellent tourism services

Research Service

No Service Contents
1 K Company: Analysis of the AM/silicone process status and consulting items to be improved
2 H Company: Blockchain-based distribution, logistics case, and market survey
3 Cloud service parallel operation consulting
4 H Company: Consulting production, quality, and history information management system
5 H Company: Consulting blockchain digital signature and PoC
6 H Company: PoC educational material production service
7 PoC education material production service for insurance
8 K Company: Consulting Home CC Interior electronic contract
9 K Company: Consulting Home CC inventory consignment management
10 K Company: Consulting safety work management
11 H Company: Consulting the electronic contract
12 H Company: Consulting used car trading
13 H Company: Blockchain-based distribution and logistics case market survey
14 Review the BaaS services of other companies
15 . C/C++ SDK Development (TX Conversion and Delivery Module)
16 . SDK Development (requested by H Company))
17 C++ SDK development (stream real-time notification)
18 PoC for increasing transaction speed