Business Strategy

HN Fincore's living finance strategy is to build a robust bridge between customers and companies using a life finance technology platform offering P2P finance, easy payment, foreign currency remittance, and others based on the smart wallet.

Improvement of work efficiency based on blockchain technology

  • ∙ Advancement of Home CC Interior’s electronic contract system
  • ∙ Advancement of the partner’s consignment inventory and electronic management system
  • ∙ Application of document security solution to partners

Enhancing the corporate image through mutually beneficial projects for small business owners and prospective residents

  • ∙ Supporting the improvement of business conditions by launching P2P products for small business owners
  • ∙ Supporting cash liquidity and improving brand preferences by launching P2P products for prospected condominium prospective residents

Securing stable additional profits by launching high-quality investment products with idle funds

  • ∙ 7-10% return on investment
  • ∙ Launching factoring P2P products for open market businesses with excellent credit such as 11th Avenue and Coupang
  • ∙ Securing stability and profitability at the same time with superior real estate acquisition financing and subordinated collateral products